Top 6 Reasons I Want to Visit Japan

Disquiet Thoughts

For me, Japan is like a magical country that would be a perfect fit for me. I have never been there (hopefully very soon), but there are so many reasons why I was to visit it. Here are some of my top reasons:

  1. It’s quiet(er). I know that’s
    not the case everywhere (I watch videos about Japan every day :P), but
    generally speaking, people in Japan seem to be more polite and quieter in
    public, resulting is less louder noises wherever you go.
  2. Mentioned above, people
    seem more polite. I doubt this is the case with everyone, but the culture seems
    to influence people to respect each other’s space and to think about others
    before you disturb them. And specially in the work place, employees seem to be
    very mindful of each other’s work.
  3. The culture is astonishing.
    There is so much going on with Japan’s culture and history, but…

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